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About Our Ice Cream

Our Ice Cream

How It’s Made

The daily process starts at 6.30am, when the first cows are milked. From the parlour, the milk is carried the short distance to the dairy for the pasteurisation process to start. Our sugar and dry ingredients are added at this stage, along with a hearty helping of clotted and double cream.

From here we take small quantities at a time, add in our flavours, such as vanilla pods and mix by hand. The mixture is then whipped and frozen into a dense, but scoop-able ice cream. 

Before the final freezing stage, our final ingredients such as honeycomb pieces, chocolate chips or nuts are added and mixed, once again by hand, before it’s packaged and left to freeze ready for the next delivery or scoop in our van!

From Cow to scoop in less than 20 yards!

Our Flavours

Since you can never have too much ice cream, we produce a whole range of flavours to suit all occasions and tastes, and offer a number of seasonal flavours from time to time. 

What’s more, we’re often experimenting with different options and trying new things. If you want to see something new for your next restaurant menu then please get in touch. Over our relatively short life-time we’ve experimented with rhubarb, earl grey tea or gin and tonic sorbet to name just a few. There really isn’t a flavour that doesn’t suit ice cream! 

Packaged in a range of sizes, from scoops to 5 litre tubs, we hope to have just the size you’re after. Please get in touch for our prices and more information.

“…the most delicious ice cream…”

Rosemary Shrager

Celebrity Chef, 2016 British Street Food Awards

Tennacott Farm Dairy

Tennacott Farm are no longer serving ice cream. If you're looking for our holiday cottages, please visit and search for Tennacott Lodge or Tennacott April Cottage.